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Fall Institute

NACCTEP's 2023 Fall Institute is now a totally virtual, asynchronous CANVAS course for community college and university educational leaders and practitioners. 

To access the Institute, please click the following link and register for our Canvas course. You will then have access to all the course content and materials.  (if it asks you for a course code, enter FCEX64)


If you participated in NACCTEP's 2021 Fall Institute you already have a Canvas login.  You may need to go to and use the "Forgot Password" option.  The email to set up a new password takes about 15-20 minutes to arrive in your inbox. 


To continue accessing the Institute throughout the next few days, visit and use the login details you created when registering.


Fall Institute is free for all registrants and does not require membership.

2023 Fall Institute 3-1-24 version.png

2023 Fall Institute Registration

Thank you for registering!

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