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Welcome! We need you! This is a call to action!

We invite you to partner with NACCTEP as we elevate the Community College's role in preparing teachers who make a positive difference in our nation's PreK-12 classrooms.

Let's actively recruit educators to the profession who share the same passion for providing every child with a highly qualified, effective, and engaging teacher.

Let’s salute teachers who encourage their students and celebrate their wins, big and small.

Let's listen to the teachers who are brave enough to share their stories and voice their struggles in a way that doesn't discourage others from entering the profession.

Let's advocate for PreK-12 students, who rely on us to be their voice until they can speak for themselves.

Let's honor Teacher Education Community College Leaders who expertly craft programs to meet the needs within their communities while also meeting accreditation and licensure requirements.

Let’s embrace the teachers who inspire their students to be future leaders who will continue to advocate for making a positive difference!

Together we can make a difference!

​Warm Regards,
Julie Ferin
NACCTEP’s Executive Director

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