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Voices from the Field Campaign

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

NACCTEP’s campaign to elevate the voices of the over 800 community college teacher education programs across the country.

Over 800 community college teacher education programs play a role in teacher preparation in the United States. Yet, we rarely hear from the voices in the field about the impact that they make on the teacher candidates of today and teachers of tomorrow.

In an effort to elevate the work they do, NACCTEP is launching the Voices from the Field campaign to hear from—and share out—about the high-quality and innovative work programs across the country are engaging in to prepare the teacher workforce. We are very interested in hearing from you. We want to elevate your voices from the field through our NACCTEP Now podcast and blog series.

NACCTEP will be reaching out to all community college teacher education program leaders and practitioners—personally—about recording a podcast or writing a blog post. If you are interested in doing either, there’s no need to wait for our email—simply reach out to Or, if you would like to recommend a teacher education colleague, feel free to send them and NACCTEP an email.

Your voice matters. Our voices are louder, together. The time is now to elevate yours—and ours—as community college teacher education professionals.

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